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High Speed Karlsruhe electronic device
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HSK Electronic Device Manual

This project is a stub to clone when starting the development of a new device.The default location for hsk_libs, which is required for compiling, is ../hsk_libs. Changing it without tracking it is possible by adjusting LIBDIR and INCDIR by setting them in Makefile.local.

After setting the new project up, run uVisionupdate.sh to update the ┬ÁVision project file. The uVisionupdate.sh script also generates the list of ISR callbacks for ┬ÁVision's call tree/overlaying engine.

The list generation only recognizes direct assignments to hsk_isr<number>.<SOURCE> and calls with function pointer arguments to:

  • hsk_timer[01]_setup()
  • hsk_ex_channel_enable()

More complex assignments might require an update of <LIBPROJDIR>/scripts/overlays.awk.